Constipation Remedies

Life can seem at ease until we suffer from some sort of illness.  One that is often not mentioned but can cause much misery is constipation. Its seems like an easy ailment to fix but every person is different and finding the constipation remedies that work for you can be difficult. Many of the medications on the market today offer only a temporary relief. So how can I find out what is the right constipation remedy for you? A lot of people think that over the counter medication is the best constipation remedy. These drugstore medications do offer some short term relief the key is to find something that will keep you regular long term.

That’s the reason for this article and this blog.  My goal is to help you find some long term constipation remedies. We are going to cover a few different popular remedies that people use today. The most popular is over the counter constipation remedies that people pick up at the local Walmart of Walgreens. Then I’ll discuss how changing you diet can bring an end to your constipation suffering once and for all. There are other long term health benefits besides helping you stay constipation free. And there is a possibility that your constipation is a symptom of a more serious health problem.   It’s best to seek medical attention if you feel that its is being caused by other medical issues because constipation remedies will not give you the solution to your problem.

The first thing we will discuss is some popular drugstore constipation remedies that will give you temporary relief and prevent the discomfort of constipation. Often times this is all you need to get you working regularly again. There’s 3 main types of over the counter constipation remedies you can use to cure the suffering of constipation. These are constipation remedies that you can buy with out going to the doctor and getting a prescription.

The most popular constipation remedy is a stool softer. This type of medication is the most mild constipation remedy that you can buy. Basically this will help you work the feces out of the colon by softening the stool inside your body. Any of the brands you find at the store will work and there are several choices available. The only suggestion I have is that if you planing on using this form of treatment pick a brand name that you trust. It usually only takes a day or so for the stool softener to become effective. If you suffer from mild constipation than this might be the best constipation cure for you. You may need something much stronger if you suffer from chronic of sever constipation.

Laxatives are another drugstore constipation remedy. Again there are many different brands to choose from. Laxatives basically stimulate your intestines and lower bowels causing you to force out trapped feces. Laxatives are the quickest constipation remedy, freeing you up within a couple of hours. Laxatives can clean out days and weeks worth of feces really quickly. Make you stay home for a good period of time after taking a laxative to make sure everything is cleaned out. If taken for a long period of time people can become addicted to them. Like any medication your body can become dependent on them.  So use them with caution.

Last but not least lets talk about enema’s.  Another popular over the counter constipation remedy. This invasive procedure should be used if you are chronically constipated, but is the most effective of all store bought constipation treatments. To use this remedy you insert a tube through the anus into your rectum. You then attach a bag of medical solution to the other end of the tube, as the bag is emptied into your body  the solution cleans out your lower attention. Releasing any stool that is trapped or stuck in there. This is actually considered a cleansing treatment not a medication. Often people will have enemas done a few times a year because it is such an effective remedy.

These are the main constipation remedies available at you local drug or grocery store. Often these treatments are all you need to get lasting relief from your bout of constipation. As long as these treatments are used in moderation they are a safe way to treat your constipation. Of course like most health problems the best form of treatment is eating healthy and eating right. Prevention is always the best form of medication.

Over the counter medication can be an excellent short term cure of constipation, often this is a short term solution to a often long term problem. If you want to cure your constipation for good you are going to change some of your habits.  This can be difficult but has lots of other health benefits as well. I know your thinking this is not what you want , but often is necessary to ease your suffering. By exercising is an important part of having a healthy and clean digestive system. If you think about it, getting at least twenty minutes of exercise a day will also help your circulatory system and keep your heart healthy.

Use these tips and finally feel relief from your constipation.

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